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Provide professional & personal service for the physical benefit of those in need.

Physical fitness:

Flexibility, Strength, Endurance, Speed, Body composition.

Who can we help?

Ages 13 and up.



Biokinetics is a medically recognized profession involving the management of effective exercise habits in order to improve one’s physical status and quality of life. A Biokineticist achieves this through an individualized assessment and exercise prescription in the dual context of clinical pathology (acute and chronic) and performance enhancement. A Biokineticist is registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa.


  • Orthopedic Rehabilitation – Physical therapy of pre or post operative conditions such as knee, shoulder, ankle, and hip pain.
  • Spinal conditions – Lower back pain (Degenerative and acute pain), Neck pain, Posture
  • Chronic diseases – Diabetes, Cardiovascular
  • Wellness – Weight loss, General fitness, Fitness assessment, Flexibility/Range of Motion
  • Medico-legal reporting – Comprehensive evaluation and reporting of personal injury and MVA claims against the RAF on behalf of legal firms.

“The greatest wealth is health.”


Clint Dalglish

Clint Dalglish is a registered Biokineticist with the Health Professions Council of South Africa. He attained a BA in Human Movement Science at the University of Pretoria, followed by his Honours in Biokinetics at Zululand University. In 2009, he opened his private practice and now operates out of the Pinnacle Health & Wellness Centre in Bryanston. His special interests include: Orthopedic rehab, sports injuries, wellness, neurological disease and chronic diseases such as diabetes & cardiovascular disease.



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How it works:

1. Make an appointment
2. Consultation with a biokineticist for a comprehensive assessment and evaluation
3. Exercise program prescription through one-on-one supervised sessions with the biokineticist
4. Re-evaluation

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All medical aids are accepted. Patients pay up front or monthly for their treatments and claim back from their medical aid. Contact us for current rates.

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